Loneliness Is Killing Me

Ever get lonely even though you have so many friends and people around you? You are not the only one..

It's a shallow feeling of sheer emptiness that can last from a few minutes to a few decades. You feel that no one out there cares about what you are going through. No one wants to reach out to you or spend time with you anymore.

You have friends but you still feel lonely. You find yourself sitting there in front of your computer screen or looking blankly at your cell phones waiting for something to happen. Life just seems ridiculously boring and you feel emotionally drained without doing a thing today.

There are different types of loneliness that affect us but all of them makes us feel as if we have no one to turn to. We feel that we are missing out on a great deal when we read the news and find that so much is happening around the world.

A broken relationship or loss of a good friend ushers in loneliness more quickly than most other things. It seems like our life has no meaning when a close friend walks out of our lives.

You lay there on your couch watching endless hours of TV till the early hours of morning. Then you fall asleep and wake up at noon with nothing much to do.

During the chill of Winter you dread those lonely nights with no one to cuddle up with apart from your pillow. The death of your pet cat makes things even more difficult for you.

Pets are wonderful gifts of God that can help us be less lonely. But when they die then it becomes an ordeal to carry on.

We seek help for our loneliness sometimes. We consult an online therapist or fix an appointment over our webcam with a trained counselor hoping that these experts will get rid of the deep loneliness we are suffering from.

Some of us even consult a Psychic reader and we hope that their psychic powers will help ease away the sadness and emptiness we feel inside.

There comes a time when you can't even think clearly anymore. It's like your living in a small prison cell all on your own and there seems to be no escape route ready for you to run away and be free once again.

Loneliness traps us into a vicious web of thoughts. We don't know what to think about and at most times we find ourselves simply dreaming about better times when we were less lonely or didn't even realize that such a thing existed.

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It becomes difficult for us to smile as often as we did in the past and personal containment becomes a horrible chore. We continue dreaming. This time we dream about faraway islands and remote lands. We imagine ourselves at a beach shack sipping away on some margaritas or gulping down some beer.

We love when we are pampered. Visits to a massage parlor makes us feel a bit better. Our loneliness vanishes for an hour or so. However, our good times don't last too long. We slump back into our lonely stance as soon as we are back in our bedrooms and in the security of our own homes.

Even if there are people who want to spend time with us we start pushing them away. We don't feel like spending time with others and neither do we go out to socialize that often. It's like we are digging our own graves. And we actually are.

Days, weeks and months pass by and we yearn for the past so much that we keep dreaming about those days and times when you weren't lonely at all. You create another life for yourself. The one in which your physical being exists and the other one which you use to visualize a less lonely world for yourself.

Reading books during your free time makes you feel a bit better since you suddenly find yourself immersed in the lives of the characters being written about in those stories.

Music is a boon at such times too. Listening to music and losing ourselves in those moments seem blissful to us. We might even start to sing along with the words of the song being played and suddenly we find that we don't feel that lonely anymore. Music does have some amazing healing powers.

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Loneliness can also be cured by touring or visiting different places around the world. Travel transports into the lives of other people and forces us to immerse ourselves into the history, culture and very fabric of the lands that we tour and vacation in.

Once you return from your leisurely abodes and fantasy escapes you might once again feel lonely. It seems like life is like a boomerang. Your loneliness keeps coming back no matter how hard you try to get rid of it.

Many lives are lost every single day because loneliness drives us to the point of no return. People take away their own lives so that they can enter another world and get rid of this deadly disease forever.

Unfortunately loneliness does not end when you die. Your spirit stays back for months and years to still live the lonely life for many years to come.

Your best bet is to spend time online or offline with like-minded people. Those who are as lonely as you are. Only then (perhaps) you will find that your loneliness reduces.

Reading this post of mine might have been depressing. But think of me as another lonely guy just reaching out to you so as to ease my emotional emptiness.

Your company over the last few minutes feeds me with energy that makes me live another day. You help me live a slightly better life just by visiting my blog and reading my posts.

You are a priceless part of my life that lives in the far corners of the world. You live in places I have only seen in the movies or on a travel show on TV. But right now you are my soul mate and my best friend.

You chose to spend time with me today. And perhaps you might choose to spend some more time with me tomorrow. Your trips to this site is important not just for you but for me as well.

Thanks for visiting and do return to read my posts whenever you can. Just the fact that you dropped by makes me wear a smile on my face right now. A smile that I hope will last forever.

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Posted by Savio D'Silva on November 27, 2013.
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